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German Creek

  • Location: 200 km west of Rockhampton, Queensland
  • Components:¬†Power Station
  • Generating capacity: 45 megawatt (MW)
  • Primary fuel: Waste Coal Mine Gas (WCMG)
  • Start of operation: November 2006

Click here to view German Creek factsheet – 405 KB

Energy Developments Pty Limited continues to pioneer the combustion of waste coal mine gas (WCMG), an environmentally-damaging and potentially dangerous greenhouse gas (GHG), at its 45 megawatt (MW) German Creek Waste Coal Mine Gas Operation in Queensland.

Energy Developments aims to foster strategic partnerships and alliances with coal mining companies to use its know-how and experience demonstrated at German Creek and replicate this success in future.

At the German Creek coal mine in the Bowen Basin in central Queensland, the company is applying its technologies to clean combust WCMG gasses, which are more than 20 times damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide (CO2).

This means Energy Developments not only prevents the harmful gases escaping into the atmosphere, it uses them to fuel a 45MW power station which generates revenue through the sale of electricity.

The WCMG captured and used at Anglo American’s German Creek mine each year achieves abatement of over 800 000 tonnes of CO2 each year during the life of the project.

The environmental benefit of the German Creek WCMG Operation is equivalent to taking more than 350,000 cars off the road in a full year.