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Worldwide Operations


Energy Developments’ operations in Australia total about 703MW in generation capacity across five areas:

  • Landfill Gas: We are the largest operator of landfill gas power generation in Australia, with 77MW of generation capacity across 21 power stations.
  • Waste Coal Mine Gas: We are the largest operator of waste coal mine gas power in Australia, with 288MW of generation capacity across 9 power stations.
  • Wind: We own and operate the 30MW Cullerin Range Wind Farm, NSW, and 12MW Wonthaggi Wind Farm in Victoria. These wind farms capture energy using turbines to produce 100 percent renewable energy from wind.
  • Remote Energy: For over 20 years, we have operated electricity generation sites for remote towns and mine sites in Australia. The current portfolio comprises over 296MW of generation capacity in 24 power stations.
  • LNG / CNG: We have developed innovative and economically effective methods of transporting natural gas through “virtual pipelines”. The current portfolio comprises a 200 tonne per day nameplate LNG plant plus LNG and CNG transportation infrastructure.


  • Energy Developments owns and operates an 76MW portfolio of landfill gas operations in the UK and Greece, with the majority of landfill sites being located close to major population centres.
  • We are making progress towards extending the life of its UK portfolio expanding its landfill gas capacity as a result of anticipated increased tipping at existing sites. Three of the largest operations, representing 53MW (78%) of the landfill gas portfolio, are located in Essex on landfill sites that either recently have or have applied for over tipping permits, which will extend the life of the power station.
  • We also own a 50% interest in a joint venture with Helector, a Greek renewable energy generation company, at the Ano Liosia site near Athens, Greece.

North America

  • Energy Developments’ operations in North America total, 204MW in landfill gas generation capacity.
  • The focus of the US operations is to further develop the large landfill gas reserves which Energy Developments has access to at its sites. We are currently expanding a number of the operating sites.