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Karratha LNG Plant

Energy Developments will continue to pursue opportunities to assist customers to switch from diesel fuels to LNG and CNG as a viable, alternative long-term energy source for power generation and transport.

LNG is created by chilling natural gas to minus 161˚C, turning it to liquid. During this process, the gas is reduced to one 600th of its original volume, making it economical to transport long distances in this form.

This market opportunity has been created by the widening gap between the global price of diesel/oil fuels and natural gas in certain markets. This strategy is particularly relevant in remote areas where there is limited or no existing energy infrastructure such as gas pipelines or electricity grids. In Karratha, Western Australia, Energy Developments has built and operates a 200 tonnes per day LNG production facility as part of the West Kimberley Power Project (WKPP).

This project has allowed Energy Developments to deliver long-term low emission power supply to the towns of Broome, Derby, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing and Looma in the booming Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Company has also developed an innovative haulage system for delivering CNG to remote power stations that service mining operations and remote communities. Trucks used for haulage also run on CNG and Energy Developments is also actively supporting the development of technologies to displace diesel with LNG and CNG as fuels for heavy vehicles.

The Benefits of using Liquefied Natural Gas as a Diesel Alternative:

Lower Fuel Cost: Conversion cost can be paid back over a short period
Lower Emissions: LNG has lower greenhouse gas and particulate emissions compared with diesel
Lower Noise: Much quieter than normal diesel engines